Use Case

Kristiina Vels and Janika Tähnas, Tartu



Q: Can you provide an overview of the pharmacy where you work and your role there?

A: We both work as managers in a 100-year-old pharmacy located in the town hall in Tartu, Estonia. It is the largest pharmacy in Southern Estonia that produces extemporaneous medicines. We are open 24/7.

Q: How would you describe CurifyLabs' technology and what feedback have you received from stakeholders?

A: This technology is a significant advancement for us as we have been manually producing medicines until now. We hope we will be able to use this technology frequently, starting with animals and eventually for human medicines on a daily basis. It is an innovative and promising technology.

Since we started working with CurifyLabs over a year ago, the technology, including the software and the printer, has undergone significant development. We are pleased that CurifyLabs is also considering our market. While we noticed that e.g. Germany uses different APIs more often, which are not commonly used in Estonia, we are still excited to be part of this substantial project.

Q: What do you foresee happening in the near future regarding personalized medicine?

A: Personalized medicine will become more convenient for us. Currently, producing extemporaneous medicines takes a lot of time. We also hope it will be more palatable for children, as the suspensions and powders we currently offer do not taste good. With CurifyLabs' technology, we anticipate it will be easier to adjust the dosage of medicines.

Overall, we find this technology extremely exciting.