Frequently asked questions


Who benefits from your technology?

The Pharma Printer is made for hospital pharmacies, retail pharmacies, pharma industry, veterinarians and at point of care by pharmacists.  

How can I order a Pharma Printer?

You can request a quote from our webstore or contact sales.

Where can I get Pharma Inks?

You can order GMP manufactured Pharma Ink pastes from our webshop.

How long is the delivery time of Pharma Printer?

The delivery time is approx 6-8 weeks, depending on order volume.  

Do you have solutions for both human and veterinary medicine?

Our technology is effective for both human and veterinary medicine. 

I want to do test printing. Can I order technical Pharma Inks for research purposes?

Yes, this is possible from our webshop.

How long does it take to learn how to use your solution?

Our solution is easy to use and it takes only an hour to learn how to use the Pharma Printer with quality control tools. 

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How long does it take to print one tablet?

It takes 1-3 seconds to print one tablet, depending on dose of the tablet. 

How many tablets can you print in one printing round?

It is possible to flexibly print from one to several dozens of tablets in one printing round, depending on the size of the tablet. 

How do you manage the risk of cross-contamination? 

We provide validated cleaning protocols for each formulation to avoid cross-contamination.    

How long does it take to clean the device between the prints?

We have detailed but simple, validated cleaning protocols for the Pharma Printer. All parts are easy to clean and it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to finalize.  

Is it possible to print tablets directly into blisters?

Yes, it is possible to print tablets into blisters.

How do you make the labelling for blisters?

We provide templates for this or pharmacies can use their own.

What APIs are available for use with Pharma inks?

In 2023 we have 25 API’s ready to be used with our Pharma Ink/excipient mix base. We have started with API’s that our customers are compounding today, for example for paediatric use (propranolol, hydrocortisone, metoprolol, clopidrogel etc).

We are expanding the portfolio all the time and want to serve pharmacies with all their compounding needs i.e. provide printable inks for APIs that they manufacture the most. We are not charging for development work of API’s. If you want to have a list of our current APIs, please contact us. 

How does the built-in quality control work?

We have an integrated analytical scale to measure individual weights of the dosage forms and in-process NIR control to evaluate the blend uniformity of the Pharma Inks prepared at the pharmacy. 

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How do I know if the Pharma Printer is compliant with regulations in my country?

CurifyLabs is compliant with existing regulations for pharmacy compounding. We provide the following: 

  • Our quality management system is compliant with ISO 13485
  • CE marked for IEC 61010-1 (classified as laboratory equipment)
  • We provide quality documentation for printable pharma ink bases which can be used with several API’s. As our customer you have access to all necessary quality documentation (stability, dissolution, batch records, cleaning protocols etc)
  • All raw materials are compliant with the European pharmacopeia. 
  • Pharma Inks are GMP manufactured and classified as medicinal intermediate product.
  • We offer in-process quality control of mass and blend uniformity. 
How do you ensure cyber security?

Pharma Printer does not act as a Internet server in any case. It cannot be accessed directly from the Internet. CurifyLabs also recommends installation behind a company firewall. 

CurifyLabs’ Web App is regularly tested for cyber security by a 3rd party audit company. Customers can request a summary from the latest audit. 

Is your solution GDPR compliant?

Pharma Printer does not process or store patient data. To use the printer, the end user has to have an account to the Web App and for that an email address of the pharmacy user is needed. Storing the email address is GDPR compliant. 

Is Pharma Printer a Medical Device?

Pharma Printer is not a medical device. It is a laboratory equipment comparable to, for example, HPLC. 

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Does Pharma Printer require Internet connection?

Pharma Printer requires cable (LAN) connection to access the Internet. 

Can I use the Pharma Printer for research?

The Pharma Printer is intended for use in busy pharmacies, meaning that our user interface is easy to use and fast to handle. We also offer additional research features for customers who want to do research. 

Where is the Pharma Printer manufactured?

Pharma Printer is designed and manufactured in European Union. 

Could we have the components of the pharma inks (allergy risks, suitability for neonate and pediatric patients)? 

We share information about the inks in our customer portal. Peadiatric formulations have been made so that they are compliant with peaditric patient safety recommendations. 

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