CurifyLabs Pharma Printer

CurifyLabs Pharma Printer
Pharma Printer-1

Product information

The CurifyLabs Pharma Printer is made for pharmacists, by pharmacists.

  • Easy to clean with validated cleaning procedures
  • In-process quality control ensuring mass uniformity
  • DAKKS certified scale
  • Works smoothly with CurifyLabs GMP manufactured Pharma Inks 
  • Compact size – fits into smaller manufacturing areas
  • Fast to use, prints 1 tablet in 1-2 seconds
  • Allows printing directly into blisters to save time from manual work
  • High accuracy
  • CE-marked for laboratory use

  • Fast formulation change with single use or reusable syringes

  • Manufactured in Europe

CurifyLabs has ISO 13485:2016 certified Quality Management System.

Technical specifications:

Weight: 45 kg

Dimensions: H 66.5 cm, W 63.2 cm, D 69.5 cm

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