Medi-Dose System Blisters


Product information

Medi-Cup Blisters have been specifically designed to accommodate the packaging needs of virtually all solid oral medication. Green Nultraviolet®  Blisters contain special ultraviolet inhibitant to protect medication from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. When used with Medi-Dose Lid-Label Covers, Medi-Cup Blisters provide either 6-month or 1-year beyond-use dating.

Each Medi-Cup Blister has a denesting hip which allows for easy separation of single sheets.  Yet the sealed units can be interfaced/offset to reduce storage space requirements.  The semi-rigid construction of the blister sheets protects the physical integrity of your medication and prevents powdering, crushing or breakage.  

3/16" Mini Medi-Cup Blisters - Green

  • 1,000 Doses (40 Sheets of 25 Doses)
  • Dimensions
    • 1 3/16" Length
    • 1 3/16" Width
    • 3/16" Depth
  • With 12 month (USP Class A) rated beyond use dating.
  • When used with our Lid Label Covers, Medi-Cup Blister Sheets provide a Tamper Evident, Moisture Resistant Package. (All packages conform to USP 41 Total Package Testing Method).

Please note! Lids are sold separately. We recommend using Medi-Dose closing tool.

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