Automation across pharmacy compounding

human medicine 02
For human medicine
For hospital pharmacies doing pharmacy preparations from paediatric to geriatric populations
animal medicine
For veterinary medicine
For compounding of veterinary medicine

CurifyLabs solutions can be used from small pharmacies to large hospital pharmacies. Regulatory compliant system and in-process quality control of extemporaneously manufactured preparations ensures that the technology is suitable for human and veterinary preparations. Allows tailored treatments and better efficacy of treatments with individual dosing, taste, dosage form. Our technology can also be used for telehealth or for clinical trials, replacing manual preparations.

Regulatory compliant

Time and cost saving

Accuracy and quality control

Our easily cleanable solution is suitable for compounding most frequently used extemporaneously manufactured API’s

Hospital pharmacies

  • Automating time consuming processes with in-process quality control
  • Broad range of application areas for several dosage forms (gel tablets, suppositories, liquids, polypills, dissolving tablets for nasogastric feeding tubes, capsules)
  • Can be used for wide range of indications catering needs from newborns to elderly
  • CurifyLabs has ISO 13485 certified quality management system

Community/retail pharmacies

  • Save up to 70 % compared to manual work
  • Compact design to fit into small facilities
  • Integrated quality control ensuring compliant manufacturing (shelf life, composition, raw materials pharma grade)
  • Less exposure to care givers and pharmacy personnel

Veterinary clinics

  • Veterinarians can trust the quality of the drugs they prescribe
  • Better treatments bring more clients
  • Taste masking for better medication adherence


Efficiency and sustainability are at the heart of what we do. By automating and streamlining the way personalized drugs are produced, our platform reduces drug waste. Our technology is paving the way to sustainable drug compounding as we continue to work for a sustainable tomorrow.